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Home Canned Meatballs Recipe

Home Canned Meatballs Recipe For a while now I have been on the search for different canning recipes because of my limited time at home to cook and also I prefer to have more shelf stable foods on hand with living out here in the country and the electric seems to go off all the …

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Canning Food Without Electricity

Canning Food Without Electricity Make sure you like living green and frugally on Facebook and follow us on Pinterest to be updated every time we find a great tutorial Growing your own food, hunting wild game, foraging for wild edibles, raising your own chickens, and preserving the harvest are great ways to increase your food security and gain independence from the …

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How To Add A Rotating Shelf To Your Pantry

How To Add A Rotating Shelf To Your Pantry If your pantry is feeling a little full and seems to be in a total mess then this idea may be just the thing you are looking for and best of all you can fit more stuff in there hehe.  I first saw this idea a few …

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How To Make Your Own Canning Equipment

How To Make Your Own Canning Equipment Whether you are canning for your first time or in your 50th year of canning; all the supplies you need are here, and at the best prices you’ll find anywhere! FREE 🙂 Food preservation is definitely my “thing”, because it helps me buy foods cheaply when they’re in …

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How To Can Ground Beef

How To Can Ground Beef Canning meats is easy. Easier in fact, than most fruits and many vegetables. The prep work is very little, and if you buy your meats on sale or in bulk it is relatively inexpensive.You are able to can most vegetables, fruit, and a variety of meats. This will include venison …

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How To Turn A Mason Jar Into A DIY Dispenser

How To Turn A Mason Jar Into A DIY Dispenser How many times have you had liquids in a mason jar and wanted to pour the contents out into something else i no i do a lot of the time and then actually get more on the counter top than the dish or cup? I …

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