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Easy Apple Pastry Puff Recipe

Easy Apple Pastry Puff Recipe If you want to make a very quick, very easy dessert that also happens to yield impressive results, look no farther than this east apple pastry puff recipe. Check out this recipe for apple stuffed puff pastry from This recipe is so easy, so delicious. I love it while it …

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Cinnamon Roll Pancakes Recipe

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes Recipe For me, the best pancakes to have are the traditional ones. Served warm, straight from the pan and sprinkled with caster sugar and plenty of fresh lemon juice – nothing beats it! but if your looking for a recipe that includes CINNAMON then this recipe is for you. These are delectable, special occasion pancakes …

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Apple Pie Fries Recipe

Apple Pie Fries Recipe These Apple Pie Fries are a fun dessert that look like french fries but taste like apple pie! Take something as American as apple pie and put a spin on it that is unique and fun. Amy at Oh, Bite It! did just that with these Apple pie fries. This is …

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100 Weight Watchers Friendly Crock Pot Recipes

100 Weight Watchers Friendly Crock Pot Recipes We know that losing weight isn’t always easy — especially when it seems like you can never again enjoy some of your favourite hearty comfort foods. Or, even worse, if you think you’ll be stuck eating raw broccoli for the rest of your life. So here is a list of …

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The Easiest Coffee Cake You’ll Ever Make

The Easiest Coffee Cake You’ll Ever Make Next time you are having a coffee why not add a little snack by making a coffee cake that you will look forward to indulging in every day 🙂 . This is a great option for those lazy Sunday mornings when you have the time to sit down and …

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