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How To Convert an Old Washing Machine Into a Water Powered Generator

How To Convert an Old Washing Machine Into a Water Powered Generator  This generator can be a powerful back up to your solar or wind turbine generators. This could even work with a small volume of water if a dam is built. This is a great step by step guide showing how to convert a smart drive …

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Build A Solar Heater Out Of Pop-Cans

How To Build DIY Solar Panels with Pop-Cans Building your own DIY solar heater isn’t as hard as it seems… with this ingenious method detailed by DR Drashco over at anyone can by using empty soda cans! Solar system solution shown on the can solar website served as inspiration to build “home-made” efficient diy solar …

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How To Build A Chispito Wind Generator – (Step by step plans)

How To Build A Chispito Wind Generator – (Step by step plans) This wind turbine is not only extremely easy to build, it’s very powerful too. If you are looking to build your own wind generator, I’m glad you waited and are reading this. I have to say this is by far, the best wind generator DIY tutorial I have come …

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Off Grid Wind-Powered Water Pump

DIY Wind-Powered Water Pump Wind pumps have been used to pump water since at least the 9th century. You’ve finally moved out onto your own piece of land. The only trouble is you’ve got a source of water anywhere from 50 to 250 feet beneath your boots but no easy or affordable way to get that …

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Off Grid – What You Need To Know About Wind Turbines

Off Grid – What You Need To Know About Wind Turbines Make sure you like Living green and frugally on Facebook  to be updated every time we find a tutorial for innovative ways you can become self-sufficient on a budget. For most people, paying utility bills is a tiresome and frustrating task. What if there …

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How To Make Your Generator Quieter

How To Make Your Generator Quieter If you have just bought a generator for your home. It is a side valve engine that’s so common on lower priced units. And its too noisy for you or your neighbors.You are searching for a muffler that will quiet the generator, lawn mower, or engine exhaust down. Well …

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