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How To Build a 12×20 Cabin On A Budget

 How To Build a 12×20 Cabin On A Budget

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How To Build a 12x20 Cabin On A Budget

I Found this great guide on how to build a cabin on a budget, this is a great idea if your are strapped for cash and want to build a summer cabin you could alter the design or put 2 together and make one a bedroom,A small cabin can be a perfect way to spruce up that undeveloped land you own, or even a large space of personal property. This project will costs 2k to build, but if you hunt around and re use older stuff or look on craigslist, you could pick up some pretty cheap or even FREE stuff to use on your cabin. I really want to have this on my land. So I will have to start saving my pennies. Check the full article below:
 How To Build a 12×20 Cabin On A Budget

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