How ToMake Sugar From Beets

How to Make Sugar From Beets

How to Make Sugar From Beets

Create nutritional sugar from beets.Sugar beets were once used to create sugar when it was an expensive item. Because it was costly, individuals who did not have a high income would boil beets for sugar. Sugar beets are the only type of beet that sugar can be extracted from because they contain a large amount of sucrose Sugar comes from either sugar cane or sugar beet with the climate of a geographical region being the prime influence on which is grown.

In both cases, the juice is extracted from the sugar beet or cane and impurities are removed. It is then crystallized into white sugar, which is 99.95% sucrose. Sugar is identical whether it comes from beet or cane. To see how to refine your own sugar form beets check out the link below…

 How to Make Sugar From Beets

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