Raising Pigs for Free: Pig Feed Scavenging

Raising Pigs for Free: Pig Feed Scavenging

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Whether you are a veteran DIY farmer or just starting out, this article is an entertaining, inspirational, and informative read. It is a tale of one family looking to forge their own way and produce their own healthy and natural meat. Their ingenuity and creativity epitomizes the DIY mission, and even if you aren’t out on a farm, you can learn a lot from their great problem solving.

This article not only covers topics on how to locally source scrap food for farm animals, but is also informative on the issue of what it is to raise natural, organically fed livestock. This is a topic important for any responsible meat eater to consider, and as more and more people join the movement toward organic and non-GMO meat, we must all work together to find ways to make this production sustainable.

By reaching out to members of the community for their leftover and scrap pieces of bread, veggies, and even wood chips, this DIY family engineered not only a way to sustainably produce their own meat, but to create an awareness in the community that even old scraps can come to good use.Take a read and get inspired! …

Pig Feed Scavenging

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