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Sugared Pecans Recipe

Sugared Pecans Recipe “Sugared Pecans are my favorite old-fashioned treat. Crunchy and sweet, they were always in my Christmas stocking growing up, and on the Christmas and New Year’s Eve smorgasbord.  They’re easy enough to make too. Toss together a few ingredients and bake in the oven.  For the last few years I’ve ordered a …

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Home Canned Meatballs Recipe

Home Canned Meatballs Recipe For a while now I have been on the search for different canning recipes because of my limited time at home to cook and also I prefer to have more shelf stable foods on hand with living out here in the country and the electric seems to go off all the …

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Cranberry Orange Cake Recipe

Cranberry Orange Cake Recipe A freshly baked cake smothered in frosting makes an irresistible homemade dessert.Whether you need a sweet birthday cake for someone special or an over-the-top holiday cake, here’s a great recipe that’s tender, moist, and perfect every time. When i saw this cake i new i had to make it,  cranberry and orange …

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Raw Salted Caramel Apple Pie Recipe

Raw Salted Caramel Apple Pie Recipe If you are like me and just love apple pie but hate spending al that time baking the apple pie, Well, you are in luck as you have a no-bake recipe available to make a tasty pie to enjoy at home. A raw salted caramel apple pie is perfect …

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Dutch Baby Recipe – German Pancake

Dutch Baby Recipe – German Pancake A Dutch Baby, otherwise referred to as a Big Pancake, is a mouthwatering, oven-baked dish that will quickly become your go-to for holidays, gatherings, and relaxing Sunday mornings. What’s not to like?  This is delicious treat, very simple to put together and perfect for breakfast, dessert or anytime you …

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Homemade Twinkies Recipe

Homemade Twinkies Recipe Do you enjoy a sneaky snack well why not try and make your own Twinkies, This recipe is the best alternative to those you can buy in store that are full of preservatives.  A few basic ingredients are all you need to make your own homemade Twinkies. The one thing needed for this task …

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