How To Build A Dog House With A Top Deck

How To Build A Dog House  With A Top Deck

How To Build A Dog House With A Top Deck

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Our pets are just like our kids. We want the best for them and if means getting creative and crafty sometimes, than that is what you’ll need to do.

If you build this for your dog, they are going to love you. Seriously. In an ingenious twist on the standard dog house, George and Chris at community.homedepot.com have posted detailed instructions on not just building your own dog house, but adding a sun deck on the roof just for your dog to relax and enjoy the sunshine.

We all like a little DIY project for are self  from time to time but how many times do you make your dog anything? this dog house looks great and is well made to. click on the link below to see how yo make this great dog house with a top deck.

How To Build A Dog With A Top Deck

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