Portable Evaporation Cooler Fan For 20-30 Degrees Cooling

Portable Evaporation Cooler Fan For 20-30 Degrees Cooling


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I know summer is nearly here now but some places are still quite warm so why not make this cooling fan for next to nothing or make it now for this summer. In areas with low humidity, regular air conditioners don’t work very well. A simpler solution uses water evaporation to cool and humidify air.

These are called evaporation coolers or swamp coolers and are used in homes all over the Southwest U.S. Air is pulled by a fan across a wet pad, which lowers the air temperature by 20-30 degrees, and provides much needed humidity as well. There is lots of Evaporation Cooler about but i just like this one i would give it a nice paint job to to finish it of. click the link below to see how to make this cooler fan.

 Portable Evaporation Cooler Fan For 20-30 Degrees Cooling

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