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Over 800 Canning Recipes For Winter Storage

Over 800 Canning Recipes For Winter Storage Perhaps you see the pallets of canning jars at the hardware stores and supermarkets, but tell yourself canning isn’t for you or you think, “it’s just not worth the effort.”  If that’s the case, are you aware of all the benefits of home preservation? if you are like …

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31 Ways To Use left Over Lemon Peel

31 Amazing Uses for Lemon Peels Lemon juice has so many household uses, but don’t toss those peels after squeezing your lemons! Use the whole lemon – juice, pulp, rind, and all. After squeezing lemons, hold onto those lemon rinds and check out our list of clever uses to be sure you’ve used the lemon …

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75 Garden Bench Ideas

75 Garden Bench Ideas  Spring is here and that means the gardening season is here! Spring is a great time to let you pay more attention to your garden. The garden bench is a great spot where you can sit and enjoy your garden efforts or take a well deserved break after working in your garden. Here is …

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50+ Home Storage Solutions & Ideas

50+ Home Storage Solutions & Ideas Because I just love to organize my home , I’m always looking for easy storage ideas! I like for everything to be in it’s place, out of the way, and easy to find. I’ve discovered that there are actually quite a few other easy and cheap ways to organize and store …

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