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15 Ways To Keep Those Pesky Ants Away!

15 Ways To Keep Those Pesky Ants Away!  This morning I woke up to Ants- not just a few, but the long trails that go room to room. It’s not that I hate ants, they are just annoying. But it’s not just ants, for some reason, my condo attracts spiders, cobwebs and other annoying types …

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7 Plants to Rid You of Pesky Mosquitos

7 Plants to Rid You of Pesky Mosquitos Summertime is Here and with the warm nights, the backyard barbecues, and the buzzing of thunderstorms, These conditions will be perfect for our tiny, hungry winged friends, the mosquitos! Mosquitoes are out in full force right now because warm weather allows a mosquito egg to become an adult in less than a week. …

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