The 10 Hand Tools a Homesteader Must Have

The 10 Hand Tools a Homesteader Must Have

The 10 Hand Tools a Homesteader Must Have

“Homesteading without hand tools is like trying to scuba dive without an air tank. It just isn’t done!”

This sentiment made by Homestead Dreamer is one many homesteaders (whether they are hobbists or full time) can agree with. You can’t always rely on the ability to use power tools to get the job done. There are certain manual tools a homesteader must have! What if there is no power available or your power tool can’t fit into the space you have to work with? This is where having a manual hand tool can really save you time, money, and headache.

Power tools have made homesteading much easier in many ways. Buildings and repairs get done faster, less thumbs are smashed, fewer cuts are suffered on the hands overall, but when you really get right down to it, hand tools are a must. Even if you homestead on a third of an acre, there are simply times when it’s called for. The ability to make do without having to wait on a charged battery or digging around for the right bit or attachment can make a big difference, especially if you have livestock. Some items included are a hammer, screwdriver set, and a hand planer.

10 Hand Tools Every Homesteader Should Have

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