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How to Remove Pet Stains and Odors

How to Remove Pet Stains and Odors Has your pet left you a present again? Or maybe you found an old surprise when you went to rearrange the furniture? You know how it goes: The minute you turn your back, your pet decides that your new carpet’s the perfect place to relieve himself. You clean and …

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How To Make Thirty Minute Mozzarella

How To Make Thirty Minute Mozzarella Home made alternative for making  Mozzarella Cheese for less than $2.50, Mozzarella is one of the easiest cheeses to make, it only takes 30 minutes and the taste can’t be beat! The ingredients are simple although a couple of them you may have to search a bit for,Knowing how to …

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36 Fool-Proof Dehydrator Recipes

36 Fool-Proof Dehydrator Recipes When i first heard about dehydrating food i was not sure how much I would use a dehydrator, so I first borrowed one from a friend of mine. Well it turns out I had that thing running day in and day out, so I quickly purchased my own. I recently purchased the …

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10 Amazing Homemade Soap Recipes

10 Amazing Homemade Soap Recipes Once you have mastered the art of soap making, the possibilities are endless. There are thousands of different soap recipes scattered around the web shared by talented bloggers from all over the world You’ll never run out of ideas with this fantastic list – plus these DIY soaps would make great gifts …

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Homemade Heated Chicken Waterer

Homemade Heated Chicken Waterer Sick of frozen chicken waterers? One of the most-often asked questions we get from readers is how to keep their chickens’ water from freezing in the winter.  Heated waterer bases are available commercially, but they are expensive and don’t seem to last more than one or two seasons. It’s quick and …

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33 Wonderful Tricks For The Best Parents Ever

33 Wonderful Tricks For The Best Parents Ever we love to post all sorts of tips for you daily here at livinggreenandfrugally, such as household tips and garden tips. Now, when we came across this fantastic post on clever “parenting tips”, we had no choice but to feature it here. James Spades over at livingino put …

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