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DIY Solar Lawn Mower

DIY Solar Lawn Mower I have owned nearly every kind of lawn mower possible and honestly one of my best mowers was a battery powered one. It was quiet and cut the grass with grace and skill. The biggest problem with battery powered lawn mowers is keeping them charged. You have to either plug them in …

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How To Build A Grain Bin Home

Cozy Grain Bin Homes as Alternative Small Housing On thousands of farms across the continent, round metal grain bins (called “grain silos” in some regions) are standing empty or being torn down and sold for scrap because they’re no longer in use. Architects and builders have started to use these durable, inexpensive structures to construct …

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18 Firewood Storage Ideas

18 Firewood Storage Ideas Having somewhere to store your firewood is a must! I use an old shed that is full and really not working as takes to long to get in and get out with some wood thought a small shed door.. This is a project I will be making so I wanted you guys …

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IKEA Table Is Transformed Into The Ultimate Play Area

IKEA Table Is Transformed Into The Ultimate Play Area This is a great step by step tutorial of how to build The Ultimate Play Area. Even though Ikea gets looked down on by many people, Ikea has many items that are bargains. Not only does it offer affordable and simplistic solutions to home décor and furnishings, it’s also …

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How To Create An Incredible Penny Table Top

How To Create An Incredible Penny Table Top Recycling and refurbishing furniture has become an increasingly popular hobby to pick up. Not only is this habit good for the environment but its hands-on approach for restoration can save big money when compared to paying for brand new things. Not only that but the decorating elements …

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30+ Urban Chicken Coops Ideas

30+ Urban Chicken Coops Ideas Your birds will need a chicken coop tailored specifically to the needs of your flock and your space. You’ll need to determine how many chickens you can comfortably house, whether you will need a large or small chicken coop, and what style best suits your space and your personal preferences. More and more …

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