May 06 2023

Never Buy Flour Tortillas Again

Making Flour Tortillas from Scratch

Making Flour Tortillas from Scratch

With the rising cost of food across every department and in every store across the country, more people are looking for ways to cut the food bill. One of the highest mark ups is on things that are so incredibly easy to make, you will be shocked at how much is charged for the simple ingredients that go into them. Flour tortillas is one of them and after this, you’ll never buy flour tortillas again!

Using just a few simple ingredients (flour, lard or a substitute, baking powder, salt, and water), combined in a certain way, will make the most delicious tortillas you’ve ever had. One of the greatest things about making it yourself is now you can customize and create tortillas that fit your preferences and compliment any dish perfectly!  Imagine making garlic-oregano tortillas or pesto flavored to go with a delicious italian treat.

You can do it all by hand or invest in a tortilla press to make it easier. They will hold for a day or two if in a sealed container and leftovers can be lightly covered with a little butter, maybe some cracked salt on top and baked for a crunchy treat, too! Learn how to make your own today! Click the link below!

Making Flour Tortillas from Scratch