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Homemade Talc Free Body Powder

Talc Free Body Powder

Homemade Talc Free Body Powder If you routinely use talc powder after your shower, you might want to make your own talc-free powder at home. Dusting talcum body powder endangers your health. There is evidence suggesting that talcum may increase the risk for certain cancers.inhaling talc powder may cause lung inflammation, leading to serious respiratory …

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10 Tiny Homes You Can Actually Buy

10 Tiny Homes You Can Actually Buy Folks who live in these small houses prefer to keep fewer belongings and cite a myriad of different benefits, chief among them the low cost of owning and maintaining a tiny house. Are you really going to build a tiny home? For most of us the answer is probably …

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Build A Solar Heater Out Of Pop-Cans

How To Build DIY Solar Panels with Pop-Cans Building your own DIY solar heater isn’t as hard as it seems… with this ingenious method detailed by DR Drashco over at Freeonplate.com anyone can by using empty soda cans! Solar system solution shown on the can solar website served as inspiration to build “home-made” efficient diy solar …

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30 Foods You’ll Never Have To Buy Again

30 Foods You’ll Never Have To Buy Again These 30 foods are some of our all time favorites – peanut butter, Nutella, refried beans, granola, mayonnaise and many, many more, and the best thing is almost all of the recipes are super quick and easy to make. All you need are a few spare minutes …

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