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Cabin Made by Teenager From 19 Wooden Pallets

Cabin Made by Teenager From 19 Wooden Pallets Just take a look at this cabin made by a teenager. They decided the simple way to get the best quality was to use new pallets but you can use old wooden pallets instead of new ones if you have some available. they used only 19 pallets for this …

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Tiny Pallet House or Cabin: DIY Tutorial

Tiny Pallet House or Cabin: DIY Tutorial According to the U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, there are over 30 million refugees in the world that all need some were to live.There are 700 million wooden shipping palates produced each year in the United States – Of this 700 million, 150 million Get thrown away …

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A Two-Story A-Frame Cabin For $1200

A Two-Story A-Frame Cabin For $1200 “The Dart” is a two-level A-frame, or “Half A-Frame” cabin that can be simply, and quickly, built for around $1200. Affordable, check. The materials purchased new should run $1,200 give or take. Easy, check. The plans spell out how to build the mini house in only 11 pages. For those less …

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How to Build a Shipping Container Cabin

How to Build a Shipping Container Cabin Container architecture is taking the world by storm. Recycled freight containers bring efficiency, flexibility and affordability to innovative green buildings, from small vacation cabins to amazing homes. Before you buy any containers or do anything else, you should have some idea how you want to live in your …

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Affordable Cabin Kits

Affordable Cabin Kits   Log home kits are not all created equal. Just because a log home kit is cheap does not have to mean low quality. Check this article out! they have the highest quality log home packages available, and at the cheapest prices from any log home manufacturer,If you have done your research on tiny …

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Build An Arched Cabin This Weekend For Under $5,000

Build An Arched Cabin This Weekend For Under $5,000 These beautiful, functional, and durable arched cabins are an easy and inexpensive way to create your own dream cabin or vacation home. You can also use them as animal shelters, artist studios, mother-in-law quarters, lodges, and more. The arched cabin arrives in kit that can be assembled …

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