Dec 17 2022

2 Ingredient Homemade Car De-Icer Spray

2 Ingredient Homemade Car De-Icer Spray 

2 Ingredient Homemade Car De-Icer Spray

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It’s that dreaded time of year again for many of us. For those of us who live in the northern part of the country, the snow is falling, cars are stalling, and I start grumbling a bit more than usual. You can go to the store and buy ready made de-icer but quite often it either doesn’t work well or it costs you an arm and a leg and if you have prolonged winters you can go thought so much de-icer you will feel like your buying the stores total supply.

Needless to say, with all this freezing, we have ice on our windshield just about every morning. I’m not gonna lie; it sucks. So I decided to tackle this problem.

There are a few options to help you with this chore, with some being more practical than others. See what has worked for others, and how you can take control of a frozen windshield and limited visibility for just a few pennies..

What you need:

1/2 cup Water
1 cup 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
Spray Bottle

Optional: Add a tablespoon of salt (sounds crazy, but for stubborn thick ice this works well.


Combine the water and the alcohol in your spray bottle. Mix it up a little by sealing the top of your bottle and inverting it a few times. Bam! Your de icer has been made! I really hope this awesome recipe helps you keep your windshields as freeze free as mine! I absolutely love this stuff! Have a great winter!