Nov 19 2023

24 Things You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron

24 Things You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron


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As we all know the Waffle iron was invented to make waffles, well, that may be true but some creative and experimental people have used waffle irons to cook a number of other foods over the years as well. Over at homeandgardeningideas.com they have put together a great list of 24 foods you can cook in a waffle iron.

I think this is genius because you can literally cook breakfast, lunch and dinner on one. My favorite which I actually tried yesterday is waffle iron bacon. The raised cooking edges make the fat stay away from the bacon and gives a wonderful crispy and less greasy bacon rind. Check out the other foods you can cook with a waffle iron, they may just surprise you.

24 Things You Can Cook In A Waffle Iron