Jun 16 2023

How To Grow Cucamelons: Grape Sized Cukes

How To Grow Cucamelons: Grape Sized Cukes

How To Grow Cucamelons: Grape Sized Cukes

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What Are Cucamelons you may ask well a Cucamelon is The cute, tiny and tangy fruit that looks like a mini watermelon. Cucamelon is also known as the Mexican Sour Gherkin, mouse melon or “Sandiita” or little watermelon in Spanish.This tiny treasure can match the crunch of pretzels and chips.

A conversation piece in the garden, or as an edible centerpiece at the table. The vine is attractive and productive enough for hanging baskets. They are terrific in stir-fries; can be pickled just like French gherkins, eaten raw in salads or put up like Polish dill pickles

After I tried them I went looking for seeds but couldn’t find any. I went looking again today and found them ? I ordered 3 packets of seeds and will be growing them in my garden this year. Get the seeds here (organic) If you have ever tried this strange but strangely yummy snack please let me know over on our Facebook page. I am wondering if I am the only one.

How To Grow Cucamelons: Grape Sized Cukes