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How To Make Tick Tubes For Your Garden

How To Make Tick Tubes For Your Garden

How To Make Tick Tubes For Your Garden

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What Are Tick Tubes you may be asking , Well Tick tubes are a great first line of defense against nature’s Lyme-carrying nasties. If you live in an area where there are lots of ticks and/or live very close to the woods, it may make sense to use tick tubes to reduce the tick population. The use of tick tubes can reduce the tick population by up to 90%,  That is an amazing number, I know where I live I can’t let my dogs anywhere near the trees or longer grass so I will be sure making these this year and putting them around the yard.

While deadly to ticks, a benefit of Permethrin is that it has low mammalian toxicity. That is, it’s not very toxic to humans and other mammals. In fact, a form of it is used to treat Scabies infections in humans. If you can eradicate ticks from your yard you will have more of an enjoyable summer. I know know the summer is here i am always worrying about letting my dogs out. See how to make your own tick tubes. They are super easy to make and very cheap.


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How To Make Tick Tubes For Your Garden


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