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Portable Chicken Tractor “The Hoop Coop”

Portable Chicken Tractor “The Hoop Coop” Make sure to like Living Green and Frugally on Facebook, Shop at amazon to help support my site and explore our  PINTEREST BOARDS  for innovative ways you can become self-sufficient. Here is a step by step guide of how to build the basic structure for a simple chicken ‘tractor’. Tractor as …

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Homemade Chicken Feed Recipe

Homemade Chicken Feed Recipe One major benefit of raising your own chickens is having inexpensive organic eggs and meat. The problem is that in many areas it is nearly impossible to get organic chicken feeds and even if you can it is expensive.  All you need to do is to gather the ingredients you need to …

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How To Clean A Chicken Coop Naturally

How To Clean A Chicken Coop Naturally In between the deep clean, I do quick interim clean, as needed. Coop cleaning doesn’t happen on any real schedule, instead I use my eyes and nose to let me know when it’s time -even a hint of any whiff of ammonia smell and it’s definitely time.  Ammonia …

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100s of Free Chicken Coop Ideas

100s of Free Chicken Coop Ideas Your birds will need a chicken coop tailored specifically to the needs of your flock and your space. You’ll need to determine how many chickens you can comfortably house, whether you will need a large or small chicken coop, and what style best suits your space and your personal preferences. The surge in …

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Build A Chicken Coop That Looks Like A Train

Build A Chicken Coop That Looks Like A Train If you are looking for an unusual idea for a chicken coop/tractor check out this train engine design. This is so cute, it would look cute in any back yard. It doesn’t look like a chicken coop and it would look pretty neat in the back …

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Permanent Hoop, Chicken Coop Guide

Permanent Hoop, Chicken Coop Guide I love a great chicken coop plan and this is one of the best plans i have seen very sturdy coop and simple to build, The purpose of a chicken coop is to protect chicken from bad weather – hot, cold, wind and rain. In areas where the climate requires a chicken …

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