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Homesteading: Self-sufficient Goat Keeping

Homesteading: Self-sufficient Goat Keeping  The keeping of any animal no matter how large or small needs careful consideration and planning. This guide outlines the basic requirements and demands of goat keeping and provides recommendations to aid in correct management and husbandry. A goat is useful to humans when it is living and when it is dead, …

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Cheese 101: Homemade Goat (or cow) Milk Cheese

Cheese 101: Homemade Goat (or cow) Milk Cheese As you all loved my Homemade Colby Cheese Recipe i posted the other day i thought i would find something slimier for you all.  Over at betterhensandgardens.com they have put together a step by step tutorial of how to make easy homemade cheese recipe from a cow or goat, This …

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