Cheese 101: Homemade Goat (or cow) Milk Cheese

Cheese 101: Homemade Goat (or cow) Milk Cheese

Homemade Goat (or cow) Milk Cheese


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As you all loved my Homemade Colby Cheese Recipe i posted the other day i thought i would find something slimier for you all.  Over at betterhensandgardens.com they have put together a step by step tutorial of how to make easy homemade cheese recipe from a cow or goat, This recipe is a fanatic way to save money and have a never ending fresh supply of cheese. Cheese is one of those dairy products that can be used in almost anything or eaten on its own. Pizzas, pastas, burgers and many other food items have cheese in them.

You can make homemade cheese with both cow and goat milk and it takes about 2-3 days for the cheese to form. The instructions and the quantity of each item are given along with illustrations to make it easier for readers. Check out this article by clicking the link below….

Cheese 101: Homemade Goat (or cow) Milk Cheese

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