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14 Genius Uses of Witch Hazel

14 Genius Uses of Witch Hazel If you don’t know witch hazel is a plant. Most parts of the tree such as the leafs, bark, even the twigs are used to make medicine. You may see a product called witch hazel water. This is a liquid that is distilled from dried leaves, bark, and partially dormant twigs. Witch …

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DIY Tub, Tile, And Grout Cleaner

DIY Tub, Tile, And Grout Cleaner If you are like me and just hate that day when you have to tackle cleaning the bathroom, I would much rather have someone else do it but as i am not a millionaire i guess I will keep doing it my self    . It’s amazing how much dirt and grime …

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16 Surprising Uses for Coconut Oil

16 Surprising Uses for Coconut Oil It’s about time for a coconut oil revolution. From skin care to healthy snacks and beyond, this miracle substance can improve your life in so many ways. This superfood has a bevy of fatty acids and positive compounds to keep you feeling fresh, healthy, and happy. The list of creative …

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DIY: How to Make Vinegar

DIY: How to Make Vinegar Vinegar is one of those things that generally sits in the cupboard and is only used a couple times a year and usually for special dishes. Once upon a time, people new how to make vinegar on their own and used it for cooking, food preservation, cleaning, and for medicinal …

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12 Frugality Lessons from the Great Depression

12 Frugality Lessons from the Great Depression The Great Depression was a time of hunger, homelessness, and despair. Our country was in dire straights with over 25% of the population reportedly out of work. Through absolute necessity, being frugal was a way of life and survival in every sense of the word. There are many …

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Glass Crafts: How to Tint Bottles & Jars

Glass Crafts: How to Tint Bottles & Jars Looking for that next creative craft project? Check out these beautiful DIY tinted glass jars! You can turn those leftover ordinary looking bottles and jars into beautiful home decor pieces. Using any glass bottle or jar, you can create gorgeous tinted containers that will look delightful sitting …

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