Apr 13 2023

5 Turmeric Tea Recipes That Decrease Inflammation

5 Turmeric Tea Recipes That Decrease Inflammation

5 Turmeric Tea Recipes That Decrease Inflammation


Turmeric tea is a warm and comforting beverage that’s known for its health benefits and vibrant golden color. It’s made by simmering fresh or dried turmeric root in water, along with other flavorful ingredients like ginger, cinnamon, and honey. Turmeric, which is widely used in Indian and Southeast Asian cuisine, contains curcumin, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound that may help reduce inflammation, improve brain function, and support heart health. Drinking turmeric tea regularly is also thought to help boost the immune system, aid digestion, and promote overall wellness. Turmeric tea can be enjoyed any time of day and can be customized with different herbs and spices to suit your taste preferences. Whether you’re looking for a soothing and nourishing beverage or a natural way to support your health, turmeric tea is a great choice.

Nature can offer us lots of remedies for our pains and troubles, especially when we have a thorough knowledge of each plant’s benefits. But what about the lesser known plants and their healing powers? For instance, how many times have you used turmeric in your natural treatments?

Turmeric has been used in India and other Asian countries as a spice, for medicinal purposes and as food. Turmeric root is taken and powdered before use. However, other forms are available like capsules, tincture, fluid extracts and tea. Turmeric tea offers various health benefits. Check out all 5 recipes below…

5 Turmeric Tea Recipes That Decrease Inflammation