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Best Animals for Your Homestead

Best  Animals for Your Homestead

Best  Animals for Your Homestead
Best  Animals for Your Homestead / shutterstock

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Choosing the animals that’ll best suit your needs is crucial to small-space meat production. Some animals just make sense to have around the home and yard as they can contribute to your homestead plan. Think your homestead is too small to raise animals?

Think again. Even if you have a small plot you can still support a few carefully chosen smaller animals. While a herd of cattle is something you can not have for many reason :) (on a small homestead), you can certainly keep chickens(poultry) , goats, and even sheep, and if space is truly in short supply you could keep simple animals such as rabbits and quail. Check out this great article from homeandgardeningideas.com below and see there top animals for your homestead…

 Best  Animals for Your Homestead

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