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Homemade Composting Toilet System

Homemade Composting Toilet System There aren’t really any situations where you can’t have a compost loo if you’re absolutely determined to – unless you have no way of storing or utilizing the composted waste. So maybe if you live in a tower block with no garden it’s not the ideal solution. But even then, if …

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DIY Toilet Bombs – Deodorize & Kill Bacteria

DIY Toilet Bombs – Deodorize & Kill Bacteria Looking to Freshen your bathroom up fast then you have got to try toilet fizzes they clean and eliminate smells at the same time. Sometimes the toilets still look clean and don’t necessarily need a scrubbing, but the odor could stand to be improved.  Those are the times …

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DIY: Natural Toilet Cleaning Tabs

DIY: Natural Toilet Cleaning Tabs One of the more unpleasant household chores is cleaning the toilet. No one likes to get that close but it’s a vitally important thing to keep clean and sanitary. Almost worse than the chore itself is the stench of caustic chemicals that can backsplash and cause skin irritation or worse. …

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