Homemade Composting Toilet System

Homemade Composting Toilet System

Homemade Composting Toilet System

By zvirgzds-Stephen William Robinson/ shutterstock

There aren’t really any situations where you can’t have a compost loo if you’re absolutely determined to – unless you have no way of storing or utilizing the composted waste. So maybe if you live in a tower block with no garden it’s not the ideal solution. But even then, if you have an allotment…. After all, there are compost loos you can install in a camper van or a boat, so they will work anywhere as long as you have a way of dealing with the finished products.

What About the Smell you may ask. My Homemade composting Toilet smells like damp sawdust. I love showing it to people when they ask because they always say, “That doesn’t smell at all!”  if you are looking at building your own compaosting toilet this article is a great start to building your own simple toilet.

Home made Composting Toilet System

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