How To Make A Terra Cotta Smoker

How To Make A Terracotta Smoker

How To Make A Terra Cotta Smoker

True barbecue involves cooking meat over low heat for a long time – often for many hours. I have a grill (a Weber kettle), but having to manage the fire for hours isn’t a lot of fun.

Smokers like the Weber Smoky Mountain start at around $300 and don’t even get me started about the Big Green Egg which will cost you around $700. If you haven’t seen one of these before, it’s an affordable, homemade version of a ceramic meat smoker a.k.a Big Green Egg.

A quick Google search turns up many instructions to make your own “clay pot smoker” and i check ed out most of them. One great modifications that i saw on this one, was to move the temperature control outside of the smoker into a separate box so you wouldn’t have to disassemble a hot smoker just to adjust the temperature

To those searching for a cheaper alternative for a meat smoker this is for you! Here is the DIY version of it – enjoy! Click the link for the instructions.

How To Make A Terra Cotta Smoker

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