Top 5 Livestock To Keep At Your Home And Why

Top 5 Livestock To Keep At Your Home And Why



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Lawns first became fashionable in the Middle Ages. Back then, the only alternative to sending flocks of sheep to graze the lawn was hiring men with scythes. Since that time, lawns and gas-powered lawn mowers have become ubiquitous, while the use of sheep to keep grass neat has become rare. Homeowners can hire a koi pond maintenance company to do everything for you.

Whether you’re sprucing up your garden or you work in landscaping, you need a quality electric cultivator that gives you precise control to carve clean lines on overgrown hedges.

The lawngonewild cordless hedge trimmer and range of power tools are efficient and convenient to use for all outdoor maintenance.

As you start to grow your homestead, you’ll start to wonder about adding animals. Animals serve many purposes, but most importantly, they’re a source of food for our families. If you’re like most homesteaders, you don’t have a ton of land to spare. You may have 5 to 10 acres available, which is plenty to have animals. If you have even more acres, adding animals isn’t an issue.

For those of us with limited space, we want to make sure we pick the right homesteading animals. They need to serve a purpose and serve it well. Each animal has to earn its place because land and space is a premium we can’t spare.

Why is this? Using sheep to keep lawns trim is quiet, requires no fossil fuel, adds fertilizer to your lawn, and has wonderful side benefits — meat and wool — that no mechanical mower can provide. So if you are looking at getting any livestock for your homestead click the link below to see the top 5 livestock you should keep..

Top 5 Livestock To Keep In Your Home And Why

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