May 02 2023

Window planter made from old pallet

Window planter made from old pallet

Window planter

Window planter /shutterstock

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Let’s get ready for some spring gardening early:) A great way to get started is by building a DIY Window Box Planter. I love a window planter especially for herbs image just cooking away in the kitchen and you need some fresh herbs, Just go to your window and clip a few off .Also a wonderfully lively window makes your house look great.

What is best about this window planter is that its made from pallets, As we know i love pallet projects As you can tell:) Anything made out pallets is a good thing in my book. Here is a great planter made from off cuts of pallets its a good way to make a planter for basically free. Click  the link below to see how to make this planter.

Window planter made from old pallet