Wood Pallet Vegetable Gardening

Wood Pallet Vegetable Gardening

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No Fuss Vegetable Pallet Garden

No Fuss Vegetable Pallet Garden /shutterstock

Urban gardeners often face the challenge of small planting spaces or less-than-ideal soil conditions. Container gardening offers one solution for growers pressed for growing room. Reusing wooden pallets as raised beds is a creative and green-friendly idea for space-economical container gardens that can be filled with good-quality soil to compensate for poor-quality natural soil.

All you really need to do a little pallet gardening is a wood pallet, some good soil and a few seeds. Using a wood pallet to start a garden can be a great space saver, plus as a bonus, there is no soil to til or weed. This is exactly the kind of project anyone wants a east life in the garden,

Wood Pallet Vegetable Gardening

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