Nov 24 2022

12 Ways To Repurpose Tree Stumps

12 Ways To Repurpose Tree Stumps 

12 Ways To Repurpose Tree Stumps and logs

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Cutting down a tree in your yard often means a stump is left behind. Instead of grinding it up or letting it rot, you should take a look at some fun and interesting ways to repurpose tree stumps around your home. A tree stump is really an awesome material to work with, It doesn’t require a lot of changes to get a finished look.

A stump is ideal to make a side or coffee table, a stool or a nightstand, you’ll need just to sand it a bit and then spray paint as you like and can even add a glass work top to finish it off. You can make a lamp base or a planter. A stump can function as a planter or cake stand, you can even leave it as it is to get a rustic look. Choose your DIY and get crafty!

12 Ways To Repurpose Tree Stumps