Sep 22 2022

Amazing Wood-Fired Hot Tub – Build Guide

Amazing Wood-Fired Hot Tub – Build Guide

Wood-Fired Hot Tub - Build Guide

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Conventional acrylic hot tubs work fine but, frankly, I find them a little stupid. They are expensive to purchase and maintain. It’s a little offensive how much energy is consumed maintaining hot tubs at regular operating temperature 24 hours a day. Such a waste! Then there are the chemicals.

Originally a Scandinavian/Canadian concept, a wood-fired hot tub offers you a simple, eco-friendly way to enjoy outdoor bathing. I am very interested by this article i have always wanted something like this in my back garden. Doug and Erin’s wood-fired hot tub creation that they made themselves! It’s looks so fun and, most importantly, it works! Head on over to their great blog tinygogo.blogspot.com to see how they made it:

Amazing Wood-Fired Hot Tub – Build Guide