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Coming to Your State? – The Purple Paint Law

Coming to Your State? – The Purple Paint LawComing to Your State? - The Purple Paint Law

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I saw this post on facebook yesterday and i thought you would find this interesting,  The purple paint law has been in force for many years in Missouri. I think this is an awesome idea and I am glad to hear other states are adapting at least a portion of it. Now in Missouri a purple square on a tree means more than no hunting. It is an indicator of private property and serves notice that trespassers can be prosecuted. It’s a whole lot harder to say it wasn’t posted and the sign removed when it is on a fence or a tree and not easily torn down by pranksters or those who don’t want to abide by the law securing your personal property.

As long as you have followed the laws regarding where, size, and color of the paint it is much wiser to use than a sign for homesteaders and campers who want to keep the unwanted visitor off and away from their property.Click the link below to read more about the law…

Coming to Your State? – The Purple Paint Law

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