Mar 09 2023

DIY Garden: Put Your Eggshells to Work!

DIY Garden: Put Your Eggshells to Work!

Put Your Eggshells to Work

Put Your Eggshells to Work /shutterstock

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Eggs are a great source of nutrition. They start your day with a tasty treat and keep you powered all day with stores of energy. They are relatively cheap and are part of many delicious recipes. There’s nothing you can’t do with a good egg! But what happens when you’ve cracked it open and eaten it’s delicious content? Out the eggshell goes in the trash or down the garbage disposal. What a waste! But no more! Check out this great article from homeandgardeningideas.com, and find eleven great ways to incorporate eggshells into your garden and home

From enriching your soil with extra doses of calcium to keeping off unwanted intruders such as slugs and deer to just a simple and useful decoration, eggshells will have your garden looking good and producing more. Take a few minutes to read this article and find which ways you can use your eggshells to make your gardening more efficient.

With innovative ideas and thorough descriptions on how to go about putting them into practice, this article arms you with all you need to know to make the best out of your eggshells.

DIY Garden: Put Your Eggshells to Work!