DIY: Natural Mouse Repellent

DIY: Natural Mouse Repellent

Mouse Repellent

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When it comes to ridding your house of mice, the task is rarely simple and rarely safe. From live traps, to kill traps, to poisonous morsels, the common ways of taking caring of your mice problem involve booby-trapping your house with a network of dangers. If you have children or other animals, you know just how unrealistic it is to set up most traps or poisons around your home — at worst, a loved one could get sick from the poison, at best you are left with a dead mouse laying around your home. But what can you do get the mice to stay away? Here is a simple, cheap, and effective DIY for you.

With just some corn cob pet bedding, balsam fir essential oil, and some fabric, you can make your own all natural mouse repellent in only an hour’s time. This lovely article from homesteadmania.com shares the secret to balsam fir essential oil — mice hate it and it won’t make you sick! Just have a mouse-repellent craft day where you devote the time to making little corn cob, balsam fir balls and distribute them around your house. You can even add some other essential oils to add a nice perfume to your rooms. Aside from this natural mouse repellent, you may also hire a mice control company to help you get rid off these mice right away.

DIY: Natural Mouse Repellent

Peppermint for Mice?
Although natural remedies aren’t always the answer when getting rid of pests (like using cucumbers to get rid of cockroaches, along with many other methods that don’t kill cockroaches), peppermint offers a successful natural remedy that works when trying to repel mice. This has to do with the nature of mice, which rely mostly on their sense of smell instead of their vision. Mice have incredibly weak vision but a strong, keen sense of smell. Which makes sense as to why mice typically go for a large chunk of stinky cheese, right?

Peppermint obviously has a strong scent, one that mice dislike. According to Victor Pest, peppermint contains very potent menthol compounds that irritate their nasal cavities. A whiff of peppermint certainly does keep them away.

Now, you can use two ways to incorporate the smell of peppermint into your home. The first is growing peppermint plants and leaving them around the house. The smell deters them from entering or roaming around in the first place.

Peppermint Oil to Repel Mice
If you don’t fancy a home full of peppermint plants, then you might prefer using peppermint oil instead. Spray the essential oil in different areas of your home that mice can access. If you’re trying to catch the mice, strategically spray the peppermint oil in places that don’t have a mousetrap. In theory, this should lead them to wherever you have placed it.

Once you’ve used the peppermint to drive the mice away, here’s how to keep mice away and have a mouse-free house.

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