Jul 11 2023

DIY Raised Garden Planter Stand

DIY Raised Garden Planter Stand 

Raised Garden Planter

Raised Garden Planter / instructables.com

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Raised garden beds are fairly easy to construct and even easier to maintain.  This raised planter gardening stand DIY project with detailed instructions is perfect for gardeners with bad backs and knees, renters who are not allowed to till the soil or gardeners with limited growing space

This easy and inexpensive raised planter stand is a great solution for a variety of garden issues. Building one does not have to break the bank as the stand can be made of re purposed timber, even pallets if you wish. You know we all love using pallets :). This is a great option for keeping your garden organized, and if you don’t want to plant directly on the ground to keep critters away from your produce. It’s easier on your back when watering or tending your plants. This design also allows you to attach trellis. Check out this article below.

DIY Raised Garden Planter Stand