Jun 03 2022

Do-It-Yourself – 100Watts Ceiling Fan Wind Turbine

Do-It-Yourself – 100Watts Ceiling Fan Wind Turbine


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All of us would love ‘free’ electricity but the problem is, most of us don’t have the money to invest in a professional solar power system or a wind powered generator… Luckily with a bit of DIY skill and some patience you can cobble together your own DIY solar and wind generators.

We have done loads and loads of DIY solar and wind power posts, so use the website’s search facility to search for these if you are interested.This turbine isn’t going to power your entire home, but it should be capable of generating around 100 watts of power which is enough to charge batteries which can then be used to power other things. If you fancy a  nice project that will bag you some free electricity, check out the awesome tutorial below.

Do-It-Yourself – 100Watts Ceiling Fan Wind Turbine