Mar 22 2023

Fermented Foods – One Step Better Than Raw

Fermented Foods: One Step Better Than Raw

Fermented Foods

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Preserving food by fermenting it is about as low-tech and simple as it gets, but the health benefits of fermented food are great. It could even be argued that many fermented foods are actually healthier than when they were raw. The main reasons being that fermented foods digest far quicker and they are more easily absorbed by your body. This is because the fermentation process has already naturally started breaking the food down for you i know you are probably thinking errr but trust me you will love to try some of these fermented food.

Every food expert will tell you that the healthiest foods you can have are normally fresh . But the latest food group is not as fresh as you think ,it’s fermented, This means ingredients like cabbage and cucumbers can be left to sit and steep until their sugars and carbs become bacteria-boosting agents. click the link below to read all about Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods: One Step Better Than Raw