Jan 10 2023

Glow in the Dark Celestial Mason Jars

Glow in the Dark Celestial Mason Jars

Glow in the Dark

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If you are looking for a way to brighten up an evening patio party or even entertain a group of squirrelly kids at a sleep over, this fun craft is just for you. With just a mason jar, glow in the dark paint, glue, and some glitter or epsom salts if you fancy, you can create a series of lovely, glowing jars that are perfect for a summer’s night.

This article is easy to read, clearly written, and provides many helpful tips that will help you make your jars really light up. Once you have finished decorating your jars, all they need is a little bit of time to sit under a lamp to charge up for a few hours of glow.

This craft is not only a practical way to light up a dark evening, but a really fun way to get the creative juices flowing. Make sure to scroll down past the instructions of this article to see a lovely collection of different colors, designs, concepts, and ideas. Have fun creating your collection and get the kids involved too! Your guests and neighbors will find them with awe and delight, and you’ll be able to admire your glowing creations the whole night.

Glow in the Dark Celestial Mason Jars