Feb 23 2023

How To Grow Roses From a Cutting

How To Grow Roses From a Cutting

Grow Roses From a Cutting

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One way to propagate roses is from rose cuttings taken from the rose bush that you desire to have more of. Rose propagating methods have changed over the years, from the simple own-root varieties of the Victorian era, and progressing to the budded hybrids of the 20th century with its many options of exotic under stock such as Rosa multiflora,

But as you know at living green and frugally i like to change things up little so i was on the lookout some great gardening ideas, especially ones that are all about preserving things and making them last longer.

This great article below from amateurgardening.com is all about how you can help roses cuttings to propagate by putting them into potatoes! It seems that potatoes help to keep the rose cuttings moist as the roots begin to develop and this helps the roses to grow healthier. Check out this article below to see how they prepare the cutting and learn many tips about growing roses from cuttings…

How To Grow Roses From a Cutting