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How To Make A Hoop House That Will Stand Up To Snow

How To Make A Hoop House That Will Stand Up To Snow

How To Make A Hoop House That Will Stand Up To Snow

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Extend your gardening season and conquer winter with a sturdy snow-proof hoop house! Hoop houses are a gardening enthusiast’s dream, providing an extra month and a half of productive growth time and allowing cultivation throughout the chilly winter months. What’s even better, the convenience of portable hoop houses allows for removal when necessary.

If you’ve dabbled in hoop house projects before, you’ll appreciate the practicality and affordability they offer. However, for those residing in colder, snowier regions, a more robust version might be required. While PVC hoop houses are popular, they can buckle under the weight of heavy snowfall. Enter the cold frame hoop house constructed with concrete reinforcing wire mesh.

This ingenious solution offers enhanced durability compared to PVC. The wire mesh can withstand substantial weight and is budget-friendly, with a 10′ x 5′ wire mesh available for around $10 at local home improvement stores. Additional materials include recycled lumber and plastic sheeting. The cherry on top is the installation of thermal vents on the ends, designed to open at approximately 50°F and close at around 35°F, ensuring optimal conditions for your crops.

Equipped with these materials, your trusty tools, and the step-by-step guidance provided in a helpful instructional video, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on your snow-resistant cold frame hoop house journey. Shield your winter crops from the harsh elements and bask in the joy of year-round gardening with this innovative solution.

How To Make A Hoop House That Will Stand Up To Snow

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