Apr 10 2023

How To Make and Reheat Freezer Waffles

How To Make and Reheat Freezer Waffles

Freezer Waffles

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Popping a frozen waffle into your toaster is a quick way to have a meal for breakfast. However, most store bought waffles may seem more like cardboard than a traditional waffle. A good homemade waffle recipe is nearly as easy as using a boxed mix but tastes so much better.

Freezing the waffles requires using the right type of container. A plastic container is a great option or the use of freezer bags is also a good idea. Your freezer waffles can be packaged individually or in batches. If you want to keep them for a longer period, then a vacuum sealer will be the best option.

Instructions to prepare freezer waffles are found on practicallypoppy.com here…

How To Make and Reheat Freezer Waffles