Mar 17 2023

Italian Bread Bowls Recipe

Italian Bread Bowls Recipe

Bread Bowls

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You have seen bread bowls at your favorite restaurants – they are basically bowls made from bread and filled with piping hot soups and stews! The easiest way to become the proud owner of a bread bowl is, of course, to buy a nice spherical loaf of bread, cut the top off, and dig out the squishy middle. HOWEVER, for a great deal of extra credit, you can bake your own.

When I first saw this I thought it was so unique! Now, whenever I serve my guests a soup or stew as a main course, I serve it in a bread bowl. They were very easy to make and were perfect for soup bowls. I finally had my soup in a bread bowl and it was just as good as I knew it would be. Sorry restaurant, you should have a bigger parking lot, I’ll make my own from now on. Click the link below to see this recipe.

Italian Bread Bowls Recipe