Jan 16 2023

Keeping “Cooped Up” Chickens Warm in Winter

Keeping “Cooped Up” Chickens Warm in Winter 


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Funny thing about chickens is that they seem always to be the “butt” of jokes. Everyone is always making “chicken jokes” – poor things. I live smack dab in the middle of the state of Nebraska – the prairie, and chickens are plentiful. This in spite of the often sub-zero temperatures and bitter wind chills. So it’s clear that the chicken raisers must know how to keep their broods warm on a cold Nebraska – well, day and night actually.

Almost everyone you know here in “outstate” Nebraska raises chickens knows someone who raises chickens, or knows someone who knows someone – who raises chickens. Needless to say, when I started to think about writing this article, I thought I should get some first-hand advice. I started out with my older friend David. He asked me what I was writing about and I told him – keeping chickens warm in the winter. Without beating an eye, he said – in a pressure cooker. I never see it coming!

Then I called my sister, and she asked the same thing. Again, I told her that I was finding ways to keep chickens warm in the winter. With a grin, she said – get them a rooster. Before I could even say – oh my word! – she said – get them a fox “stole.” It was becoming ridiculous, so I decided just to do my own research. continue reading below…

Keeping “Cooped Up” Chickens Warm in Winter