Aug 27 2022

How To Make Monkey Butter

How To Make Monkey Butter


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If you have never heard of monkey butter you are in luck, check out this article from madefrompinterest.net on how to make this yummy monkey butter If you have already tried monkey butter and know what it is then leave a comment below telling every one else how nice it is:).

If not, you are so in for a treat today as monkey butter is truly a food from the Gods! Monkey butter is made from bananas, canned pineapple, coconut, sugar and lemon juice, and it might just be the most delicious thing you can put on a slice of bread.  I ran into this recipe for Monkey Butter a few weeks ago and was so happy i found it.  The ingredients are, for the most part, available all year-round.  I whipped together a batch, and WOW.  So, I continued making batch after batch, until that gaping hole in the fridge was full to overflowing! Check out this article below…

How To Make Monkey Butter