Jul 15 2023

How to Oven Can and Preserve Dry Goods

How to Oven Can and Preserve Dry Goods

How to Oven Can and Preserve Dry Goods

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Canning is a great preservation technique for your food, but who knew you could do it in the oven! This simple process is a great way to can dry goods and significantly extend their shelf life. Dried goods make great emergency food if stored properly. But it’s no fun opening a box of pancake mix to find meal worms making a meal of your precious food.

Oven canning works great for prepping dried goods to stay fresh for years. Baking them in the oven kills any insects or eggs to prevent contamination. As the jars cool, the lids will seal, preventing moisture or bugs from getting in and ruining your food. With no need for any specialist equipment or gadgets you’ll be able to keep pests out of your dry goods with items you already have! You can find the full tutorial at lazybudgetchef.com here…

How To Oven Can & Preserve Dry Goods