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How To Make A Salvaged Door Coffee Table

How To Make A Salvaged Door Coffee Table Are you in a need a new coffee table? Well if you are you should consider making one of these beautiful, functional, and inexpensive coffee table made from an old door. You can complete the coffee table with a distressed look like the photo shown above, or …

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WD-40: Not Just for That Squeaky Door

40 Weird and Wonderful Uses for WD-40 It’s not often that one gets into a conversation about that can of WD-40 that you have sitting up on a shelf in your garage or kicking around in a junk drawer in your house. Because, really, what do you use it for? To fix that squeaky hinge …

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Simple DIY Sliding Door Design

Simple DIY Sliding Door Design I know exactly where we could use this. The only issue is that you then lose that wall space where the door rests when open. We have a large master bathroom that is open to the bedroom and we’d love to be able to close it off for more warmth …

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